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Music of the Ordam Shrine Festival

Music of the Ordam Shrine Festival Professor Rahile Dawut  (Xinjiang University) Aynur Kadir  (Simon Fraser University, Canada) Rahile Dawut has been conducting ethnographic fieldwork around the Xinjiang for over 20 years, and is the world’s leading expert on Uyghur shrine… Read More ›

Archaeology of Sound

Ha Guangtian (SOAS, University of London) According to one theory, the sharp division between Classical Arabic and varieties of colloquial Arabic, rather than being exemplary of what has been called “diglossia” in socio-linguistics, was in fact the consequence of Islam’s… Read More ›

Islamic Soundscapes of Khotan

Mu Qian (Research Student, Department of Music, SOAS, University of London) Khotan is situated on the southern edge of the Taklamakan Desert. It is an area still dominated by Uyghurs. According to the national census in 2010, Uyghurs account for… Read More ›

Creating a sufi soundscape

Creating a sufi soundscape: recitation (dhikr) and spiritual audition (samā‘)  according to ahmad kāsānī dahbidī (d. 1542) Alexandre Papas Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, Paris Introduction In both Central Asia and China, as in other Muslim societies, discussions and… Read More ›