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Continuity of Musical Tradition: Performance of Islamic Stories among the Uyghur

Mutellip Iqbal  (PhD Student, Sociology Department, Istanbul University) Uyghur religious narratives are full of heroic stories and magical events.  With the spreading of Islam in Central Asia, worshippers not only accepted Islamic doctrines, but also enjoyed stories about the foundation and… Read More ›

Internet rumours and the changing Uyghur religious soundscape: the case of the Snake-Monkey Woman

Rachel Harris  (SOAS, University of London)     Uyghur woman in Urumchi wearing ‘Arab-style dress’ (courtesy of Aziz Isa) The Uyghur area of Ürümchi, the regional capital of Xinjiang, has undergone a striking transformation over the past few years. It is… Read More ›