The Jiyuan Community Women’s Group (2)

The Jiyuan Community Women’s Group (2)

These clips present extracts from a planned major documentary film on historical and modern jingge/zansheng recitals and their part in a thriving female-led expressive Islamic culture in central China. Filmed on 12th of August 2015 (Shui Jingjun)

Event:  Recital of Zanzhu zansheng (Islamic chants eulogizing Allah and His Prophet) by women’s groups from various mosques and communities in and around Zhengzhou, Henan, on the occasion of the first graduation ceremony of students of Islamic knowledge, held at Xingyang Nanzhan Mosque, on the outskirts of Zhengzhou. The celebration took place in the presence of eminent ahong, male and female, Muslim community leaders and Muslim women and men. The purpose was manifold: to honour the occasion, to pay tribute to the faith of the Muslim community, and to listen to the recitals of traditional jingge (Islamic chants which have also formed part of the oral tradition of women’s mosques) and more modern zansheng by enthusiastic women’s groups.

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