A Recital of the Holy Quran and zansheng (praise) in SOAS

Ye Chenghui Ahong

22 October 2014, 1-2pm

Brunei Gallery, Room: B111

SOAS Centre for Islamic Studies Seminar Series


Ye Chenghui studied the art of Qur’anic recitation in the Great West Mosque of Lintan county in China’s northwestern Gansu province. He continued his studies formally at the Islamic Institute in Lanzhou, and in 2003 took up the position of Ahong of the Xidaotang school in Lanzhou. He has won several prizes in national competitions in Quranic recitation.

The Xidaotang school of Islam was founded in Gansu in the early 20th Century: a small but highly organised community, which grew out of the major Chinese Sufi orders, but laid new emphasis on education and accommodation with Chinese culture.

Ye Chenghui will recite from the Quran, and also demonstrate the uniquely Chinese Muslim art of ‘zansheng’, recited Arabic-language praise for God and the Prophet.

Dr Rachel Harris (leader of the research project ‘Sounding Islam in China’) will contextualise the recitation with a few general remarks on Islamic worship in northwest China, and show images and videos taken during a field trip in 2013.

We are grateful to the AHRC for supporting the visit of Ye Chenghui.

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