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Islam at the heart of Shanghai: Xiaotaoyuan (小桃园) and Fuyou Rd (福佑路) Mosques

Downtown, two mosques at the heart of the ‘old city’ are significant for their location and for their historical function (especially during the 1920s, ‘30s and ‘40s) as a conduit for Muslims from inland Chinese provinces who chose to set… Read More ›

Qur’an class at the Linxia “Women’s School” (女校)

First year students at the Linxia “Women’s School” (女校), learning to recite the Qur’an Recorded by Rachel Harris, 11am, 27 May 2014. The Linxia Foreign Languages Women’s School, established just over 30 years ago, displays a very confident, cosmopolitan outlook,… Read More ›

Jahariyyah Madā’ih, Xiji county, Ningxia

Jahariyyah Madā’ih, Xiji county, Ningxia (courtesy of Ma Qiang)     Madā’ih are hymns praising Allah or the Prophet transmitted by the Jahariyyah Sufi order which are chanted at all sorts of commemoratory occasions, such as the death anniversary of Shaykhs… Read More ›