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Soundscapes of Uyghur Islam

by Rachel Harris Published by: Indiana University Presshttps://iupress.org/9780253050205/soundscapes-of-uyghur-islam China’s Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region is experiencing a crisis of securitization and mass incarceration. In Soundscapes of Uyghur Islam, author Rachel Harris examines the religious practice of a group of Uyghur women in a small… Read More ›

Internet rumours and the changing Uyghur religious soundscape: the case of the Snake-Monkey Woman

Rachel Harris  (SOAS, University of London)     Uyghur woman in Urumchi wearing ‘Arab-style dress’ (courtesy of Aziz Isa) The Uyghur area of Ürümchi, the regional capital of Xinjiang, has undergone a striking transformation over the past few years. It is… Read More ›