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Rabbana! Local style Qur’anic recitation

Rabbana As part of a khätmä, held in summer 2009 in Yantaq village, Märyäm recites du’a drawn from various surah, all beginning Rabbana! (Our Lord!) A common theme of hellfire and the Day of Judgment links the texts. Some of the assembled… Read More ›


Place:  Shahyar county, Aqsu prefecture, Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region Date:  August 2009 Recorded by:  Rachel Harris and Aziz Isa Pious Uyghur village women, led by ritual specialists called qushnach, recite a zikr:  Subhan’Allāh wa bihamdihi, subhan’Allāh il adhīm (Glory to Allah and praise… Read More ›