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Imams dancing to “Little Apple” in Uch Turpan, Xinjiang

Imams in Uch Turpan dancing to the internet hit ‘Little Apple’ (Spring 2015) Song and dance has long been harnessed in the service of China’s state policy, but this latest campaign in Xinjiang seems set to make music and dance… Read More ›

Mazar festivals of the Uyghurs: Music, Islam and the Chinese State

Mazar festivals of the Uyghurs: Music, Islam and the Chinese State. British Journal of Ethnomusicology. Volume 11, Issue 1, 2002 Rachel Harris & Rahilä Dawut   Abstract:  Mazar in Central Asia are the tombs of Islamic saints, mythical or real, whose protection the Uyghurs (Turkic Muslims of China’s northwestern Xinjiang… Read More ›