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Qadim Praise in Yunnan

Recorded by Guangtian Ha. Kunming, Yunnan Province. August 2015. The rapid development of the Internet in China has made a large amount of Islamic recitations, both of the Holy Qur’an and of numerous praises of the Prophet, readily available to… Read More ›

Salat in Xiahe, Gansu Province

Timothy Grose Assistant Professor of China Studies  Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology The mosque in Xiahe, Gansu Province (locally referred to as the Xiahe 夏河 or Labrang 拉卜楞 Mosque), sits on the residential “outskirts” (Ch. tawa 塔哇; Tib. mtha’ba) of Labrang Monastery,… Read More ›

Music of the Ordam Shrine Festival

Music of the Ordam Shrine Festival Professor Rahile Dawut  (Xinjiang University) Aynur Kadir  (Simon Fraser University, Canada) Rahile Dawut has been conducting ethnographic fieldwork around the Xinjiang for over 20 years, and is the world’s leading expert on Uyghur shrine… Read More ›

Urumchi Soundwalks

Urumchi Soundwalks Conducting a series of soundwalks is a good way to gauge the range and diversity of the different mosques in Urumchi and to discern, en route, the ‘keynotes,’ ‘signals’ and ‘soundmarks’ of the surrounding city. Experimenting with phone-based… Read More ›

Women from the Xingyang Nanzhan Mosque

Women from the Xingyang Nanzhan Mosque 穆斯林妇女在荥阳南站清真寺首届学员结业庆典上赞圣,念经歌。 These clips present extracts from a planned major documentary film on historical and modern jingge/zansheng recitals and their part in a thriving female-led expressive Islamic culture in central China. Filmed on 12th of August… Read More ›